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Who will you

work with?

Carmen A. Labonte
Productivity & Organizing Professional

Welcome to Neat Casa!


We're here to help you to find a balance between what you love, what you have and how you want it to be! 


In this journey you'll be working with Carmen, I'm a wife and mom of two young boys who manage to survive my lovely chaotic life thought my organizing skills and whose main goal is to provide you the tools to self-manage yours.


A natural organizer with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and more than 10 years of experience in Quality Assurance in the complex medical field, I do know exactly how to optimize processes in order to eliminate waste of time, money, energy and spaces that do not add significant value to the final product and/ or project.


I want to help you achieve an organized and stress-free life. So let's do this together and allow me to make your living areas more efficient to reach a better quality of life.




Carmen Alejandra

Professional Organizer
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