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Neat Casa is introducing its new Holiday Services that include:
Gift Wrapping
Release the stress of wrapping your presents and outsource this task to us:
Gift Sizes
  • $3.00 - Small boxes (Jelwery, books, mugs...)

  • $5.00 - Medium boxes (Shirts, barbies, shoes...)

  • $8.00 - Large boxes (Kitchen appliances, shoulder bags, laptops)

  • $10.00 - X-Large boxes (Large toys, TVs, etc.)

  • $1.00 extra - Odd Shapes 


If you're unsure about the size your gift falls under, email us the dimensions and we'll quote in advance.


Multi Gift Wrapping Packages

  • 10 presents - $50.00

  • 15 presents - $65.00

  • 20 presents - $80.00

  • 25 presents - $95.00


Store Returns
After Black Friday and all the holiday purchases you might find yourself with a big list of items that you want to return to stores but just don't have the time to do it, the longer you keep them, the worst for your pockets. We can do that task for you for the small rate of $25.00 an hour.

Are you a holiday undecorating procrastinator? Don't be! Your tree and decor don't have to be up until the middle of the year anymore. We can do this in a couple of hours. Let us handle it for $35.00 per hr.

We also want to offer a 20% discount on every organization package booked during the month of December.
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